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Bleeding Gums – What To Do

If you’re like most parents, you might have noticed that your kids gums might bleed a little when they brush or floss. Why is that?


The Main Cause of Bleeding Gums is Plaque

Plaque, which is that creamy material that forms on teeth, is filled with bacteria. When not removed, it causes inflammation and consequently the bleeding that we see.


How to Stop Bleeding Gums

Fortunately stopping bleeding gums is pretty simple.


Improve How Well Your Kids Clean

Your kids might look like they’re brushing, but they’re probably not doing this very well. You need to ensure they clean all their teeth, all the way up to their gums.


Use Good Tools

There’s a possibility that your kids could possibly brushing too hard, and with a toothbrush with hard bristles. Make sure it’s soft!


Healthy Diet

Promote a healthy diet with your kids, by preventing them from eating too many sugars/simple carbohydrates that creates an ideal environment for plaque to form.


See Your Dentist Regularly

If your kids teeth continue to bleed, your family should see a dentist to rule out any more serious conditions that are not just gum related. Kid’s should already be seeing a dentist twice a year generally to ensure everything is up to check.

Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho is a Australian and Canadian Board Certified Dentist, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia

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