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Does my child need sealants?

Fissure sealants are a great way to prevent dental decay before it starts. There are instances where despite excellent oral hygiene, kids may not be able to clean the deep grooves in their teeth because the brush bristles are too wide to enter them.


What are Sealants

Unlike fillings, fissure sealants does not require to tooth to be drilled or anesthesia. Instead a flowable resin material is placed into deep pits and fissures of teeth and seals them off from developing decay.



Does My Child Need Them?

If you notice black staining on the grooves of your child’s teeth, it might be a sign that sealants are required. However, more often than not, it can be pretty hard to have a good look at their back of their mouths, which is why you should ask your dentist about them at your next visit.


Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho is a Australian and Canadian Board Certified Dentist, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia

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