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Is Your Bridge Loose? Don’t Wait and See

A common problem I’ve been seeing in my practice recently has been loose dental bridges.

The sad thing is that they’ve often been advised to keep an eye on the problem.

This is bad advice.

Think of it this way, would you jump on a bridge that is missing one end.

When a dental bridge is loose; the most common reason why this is occurring is because only one of the ends is loose.

There is extensive decay on one of the ends of the bridge,

As a result the last supporting end takes on extensive stress – in this case, the supporting load of 3 teeth!

In the short term, the bridge might just be a bit wobbly; but long term with extensive stress, the once healthy tooth ends up being damaged.

More often than not the tooth becomes so irrevocably damaged that it needs to be extracted.

The solution? Remove the bridge and save the healthy tooth! After this is done, there are a variety of tooth replacements possible that have a better long term outcome than just keeping an eye on it.

Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho is a Australian and Canadian Board Certified Dentist, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia

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